• Frohes Neues! Happy new year! Mutlu yıllar!

    Frohes Neues! Happy new year! Mutlu yıllar! Continue Reading

  • Painting – Paint Interview with Julia Gruner

    Sometimes reinventing a painterly gesture comes along naturally and does not feel forced. Presented next to a lime green designer leather couch on a low glass table, Julia Gruner’s (*1984, lives in Cologne) pieces, which were presented next to a lime green designer leather couch on a low glass table and were surprisingly different from to the rest of works presented at the annual prize show for the 14th -1490324573 Hogan Lovells Art Prize 2014 in the Sky Tower, Düsseldorf. Continue Reading

  • The pursuit of a quest (of happiness)

    24/7 glücklich sein und dabei den feinen Unterschied zwischen „fröhlich sein“ und der „global quest of happiness“ beachten: Eine oft diskutierte Lebensaufgabe. Aus gegebenen Anlass eine kleine Gedankenrunde zum Glück (in der Fotografie). Continue Reading

  • about freedom…

    Something new and fresh from our featured creative JONAS WERNER, enjoy his clip which fits perfect to this years summer… Continue Reading

  • Extremely loud and incredible quiet

    The elbows supported on the scratchy carpet of the office I’m sitting half lying , eyes closed and shallow breathing and the sweat running down between my breasts towards my navel. Why the hell nobody is moving, I think. In a darkened room full of people all still sitting there sweating, Anna Schimkat was performing her sound at this year’s springhouse festival. Continue Reading


    When two friends asked me if I would accompany them on Friday to an opening at the Hole Of Fame (Dresden), concerning analog photography in connection with skateboarding, I was immediately excited, grabbed a beer and off we went. The trigger of this inauguration was Humbug, a local skate magazine, which is dedicated to analog photography and skateboarding. Continue Reading

  • Karl Lagerfeld and Taryn Simon at Folkwang Museum Essen. Parallele Gegensätze.

    Exhibitions such as the KARL LAGERFELD (Parallele Gegensätze: Fotografie – Buchkunst – Mode) at the Essen Folkwang Museum are great – because they get many people into the museum.
    Continue Reading

  • Academy of Fine Arts, Duesseldorf. User Guide: It’s top down.

    For me, exhibitions are always something very exhausting – there is a point of saturation, where you can’t keep looking or receiving. Continue Reading

  • It’s not gone, it’s still here!

    Youtube was banned from 2007 until 2010 a few weeks ago Vimeo was affected. In the night of 6th of february 2014 Erdogan’s party AKP passed a law that gives the goverment the power to ban websites without judical decision. Continue Reading

  • The Crash of A Clash

    A few days ago I read an article about the fact that recently the court in India criminalized homosexuality as India’s Colonial-era homosexuality law did it 100 years ago. This is constitutional, they said. It‘s a shame in the world’s most populous democracy and it made me think of my time in south Asia this year and a performance I saw in early October in Cologne. Continue Reading