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Something new and fresh from our featured creative JONAS WERNER, enjoy his clip which fits perfect to this years summer…

Screenshot by Jonas Werner
Screenshot by Jonas Werner

“Freedom“, – what is it? Definitively a very generous word.  My thoughts turned around this topic for the last months. But how should I start? A brushwood of thoughts stopped my creativity and I asked my self: What means freedom to me? Where can I find my breathing room? What are my passions which are honouring myself? I have to understand that I’m not able to find freedom in other things around me, before I can’t find them by myself. So I started a little movie project. I filmed and took some photographs of all the things that I associated with my personal “freedom“. Things that are shaping, forming me, my mind, my character and my way to do things. A personal puzzle of pictures of my freedom – no less, no more… Well, I have realized that freedom is not natural. One more reason to take care and think about the people who are not able to enjoy this privilege. Well, this is a little clip about my freedom, my breathing room, my passions. Something personal,- no more…

text and video by Jonas Werner. You like what Jonas is doing? He is also one of our featured creatives, check his online portfolio here !


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