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Together, we can bring your idea to the right people.

Aged between 25-35 years our core target group is interested in subculture, arts and design. Besides Germany (48 %) our users are mostly located in US (14,5%) but also all over the globe (Russia 3 %, UK 2,5 %, Turkey 2,5 %, Rest 29,5 %).

With 2.500 pagevisits per month (November 2016), nearly 600 facebook-followers, around 300 instagram-followers and over 100 newsletter-subscribers, we have the power to spread your message.
Take the chance and advertise on our page to promote your gallery, institution or exhibition and event.

We offer several ways for you to advertise on and with VASiSTAS:



Banner: located at the bottom of each page and blog-post
Sidebar-Square: located on the top right of each page and blog-post
Special advertising: your press-realease as a blog-post, sponsored facebook-posts, guest-article on the blog (keep in mind that the topic should always be on art)



Banner: 600×100 pixels
Sidebar-Square: 276×276 pixels
Formats: jpg, Jpeg, gif, png (animated gifs possible)
depending on screen-size and device (desktop or mobile) the graphics may be scaled



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