Painting – Paint Interview with Julia Gruner

Sometimes reinventing a painterly gesture comes along  naturally and does not feel forced. Presented next to a lime green designer leather couch on a low glass table, Julia Gruner’s (*1984, lives in Cologne) pieces were surprisingly different from to the rest of works presented at the annual prize show for the 14th Hogan Lovells Art Prize 2014 in the Sky Tower, Düsseldorf. Weiterlesen “Painting – Paint Interview with Julia Gruner”

Pazar Bazaar Pazar Bazaar

A while ago a friend asked me to write a short piece on the art scene in Istanbul. A task that has been done a lot in the past years; commenting on a growing art market in Turkey and its positive and negative side effects – as well as the isolated importance of the Istanbul scene for Turkey and the Middle East.

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Malika Si Youcef – Negative Landscape. A studio visit

I met Malika Si Youcef a few weeks ago, a young painter that came all the way from Bordeaux (France) to work in a studio in Istanbul. The studio she rented with her boyfriend, a photographer, was just across the street and I could see them working whenever I looked out of my window.

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Impression of a visit at Museum Folkwangen

Listening Leoš Janáček and looking at paintings of the 19th century is an interesting combination. While the horns of III. Gloria (Galgotic Mass) create a heavy feeling, the landscape of Christian Ernst Bernhard Morgenstern (1805-1867) opens up in ways I could not imagine. I wish I would have been standing in front of the painting (Staffelsee bei Murnau, 1847, oil on canvas, 68 x 87 cm, Folkwangen Museum, Essen, INV. G 478) with exactly the same song.

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Gözde Ilkin at ArtSümer (March 2013)

Gözde Ilkin’s show at ArtSümer is now past. Ilkin usually works with fabric collages and stitchings, creating painting like works with social commentary. For her solo exhibition she created a big installation with an interesting concept – a comment on the gallery system and its mechanism; not especially a new topic, but she showed a clever and sometimes humorist handling.

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