The pursuit of a quest (of happiness)

24/7 glücklich sein und dabei den feinen Unterschied zwischen „fröhlich sein“ und der „global quest of happiness“ beachten: Eine oft diskutierte Lebensaufgabe. Aus gegebenen Anlass eine kleine Gedankenrunde zum Glück (in der Fotografie).

Extremely loud and incredible quiet

The elbows supported on the scratchy carpet of the office I'm sitting half lying , eyes closed and shallow breathing and the sweat running down between my breasts towards my navel. Why the hell nobody is moving, I think.


A few days ago I read an article  about the fact that recently the court in India criminalized homosexuality as India’s Colonial-era homosexuality law did it 100 years ago. This is constitutional, they said.  It‘s a shame in the world’s most populous democracy and it made me think of my time in south Asia this year and a performance I saw in early October in Cologne.