Denis Santelli Dsan lives and works in Paris, France




I’m a French Artist. I hold a Master in Fine Arts MFA (DNSEP) from the North French Higher Art School (Ecole des Beaux-Arts). I have participated in several exhibitions and i have been invited in various seminars and talks about Art & New Media in USA and in Europe.

I got involved with Interactive Art, experimenting with algorithm, and sensors. I showed my work at RunMe, le Cube (Fr) and Rhizome. I taught New Media Art at National Higher Art School (Beaux-Arts) of Paris-Cergy and Interactive Media Design at the International Institute of Internet Research & Laboratories.

In 2016 I was exhibited at Parisoma, San Francisco and at the Digital Village, Paris. I also made a Mural for the Innovation Fabrik in Berlin.




Post digital art in a post-internet, but not yet post-human era.

My artwork and research explore perspectives rising from creative encounters between art, science, technology, and culture.

It focuses on the layering of time and history. I’m combining aspects from European art and myth sources with digital languages, data, Information and scientific visualization patterns.

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Recombination – Discobolus
Recombination – Aphrodite
Putti DNA