Ksenia Telepova

lives and works in Berlin, Germany


Between, 2012-2014, Analogue photografie, in collaboration with Asya Freyaa.


Born in Cuba, Havana 1988
Moved to Yekaterinburg, Russia in 1991
Lives in Berlin, Germany since 2011
2014 Participation in the Course of Doug Ashford “ The non-human”. Salzburg
Summer Academy of Fine Arts. Salzburg, Austria. Final project: The
Installation “A part”.
2012 – Current Master of Philosophy, Humboldt University Berlin
2009 – 2011 Master of Philosophy, Ural State University
2005 – 2009 Bachelor of Philosophy, Ural State University

2014 Scholarship for Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts. Salzburg, Austria
2014 Step Beyond Travel Grant for the Project” Closer “.

Curatorial projects:
2015 – current Internship in Künstler Haus Bethanien (artist-in-residence programme). Berlin,
2013 Group Exhibition “Dossier №zero”, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Between, 2012-2014, Analogue photografie, in collaboration with Asya Freyaa. Exhibition „Everybody´s a bit worried „Special project of the IV Moscow International Bienalle for young art Moscow, Russia We live at distance of one thousand kilometers from each other- Berlin and Yekaterinburg (the city in Russia). In our this project we tried make a reflection about the condition of “between”. “Between” is a space without borders. A strange emptiness which can’t be defined, understood or grasped in any way. We started from the impossibility of understanding the intimate dynamics and connections existing between people – when they are not together – when they have no possibility to touch themselves, to stay in the same room, to see the same things and when they can’t share a personal and common space of living words. Moreover we were looking to what exists between them –we undergo the conditions of distance, time difference, melancholy. We used photos as mean of search: mean of fixing this imperceptible condition, mean of communication, mean of unification. Photos have been made using the multiexposition technique. We sent the films each other and we used the same film to photograph us.


Personal Exhibitions, Projects :

2014 Performance Project “Closer”. Part II. Home.Gallery Sweater, Yekaterinburg, Russia | Performance Project “Closer”. Part I. Sacral place. Center for contemporary and experimental art (NPAK) Yerevan, Armenia | 2012 Ksenia Telepova, Catherine Reischer “How I have left my Home.” Installation, Videos, Fotos. Gallery Subsuelo, Berlin

Festivals, general exhibitions, realized projects:

2015 Performance “To the ground”. Performance art Festival “Isolation”. Malmö, Sweden | 2014 Performance “ Under” in the framework of the festival of performance art “Performance platform”. Lublin, Poland | Photoserie Between in collaboration with Asya Freyaa. Exhibition “Everybody´s a bit worried”. Special project of the IV Moscow Intarnational Bienalle for young art. Moscow, Russia | Video “Things” in collaboration with Katherina Reischer .The parallel program of the
European biennale for Contemporary Art “Manifesta 10”. The Exhibition „Local Library Window“. Sankt-Petersburg, Russia | 2013 Cartographic Installation “Man befindet sich” on the Exhibition “Dossier №zero”, Atelierhof Kreuzberg. Berlin, Germany | Video “Place” in the Context of the Videoartfestival “TV has attacked us, now we make our”. Odessa, Ukraine | Performance “Blew Blow Blown” in colloboration with performance artist Misha Badasyan. Gallery “Somos” Berlin, Germany | Fotoinstallation “Sky” In the context of the Festival ” Kunst am Spreeknie 2013″ Berlin, Germany | Photoseries “Between”, In the Context of the Exhibition ” Traumwelten”, Schillerpalais. Berlin, Germany | Performance “Dressing”, Month of Performance Art Berlin, for Acud Kunstverein, Mpa 2013, Berlin, Germany | Photoseries “Place” in the Gallery “Dom”, Odessa, Ukraine | Presentation of the Video “How I have left my home” in the Context of a festival “Schedule”, Moscow, Russia | Photoseries “To Leave“, Festival of Contemporery Art “Mirrors“ Rostov-na-Donu, Russia | Performance “To hold stones“, Project Space „”Altes Finanzamt“ Berlin, Germany | 2012 Performance “Burden“, Gallery “Subsuelo“, Berlin, Germany | Performance „Dress“ in the Context of a Documenta (13) and Сritical Art Assamble. Kassel, Germany | 2011 Participation to the performance “Philosophical football”, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Germany | Urban installation “Light in the house”, Yekaterinburg, Russia | 2010 Urban installation “House” in the festival “The long Stories of Yekaterinburg”, Yekaterinburg,Russia | Performance “My horizon. His horizon”, in the framework of II Moscow International Biennale of young performers “STOP! NAME YOURSELF!” The exhibit “Traits/Outlines of the limits”.Moscow, Russia

Between, 2012-2014, Analogue photografie, in collaboration with Asya Freyaa.