Power of Place

Anna Erdmann und Franziska Goralski sind Absolventinnen an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden. Im letzten Sommer haben sie in Kooperation mit anderen Künstler*innen und Aktivist*innen den Open Space lilac P.O.P. veranstaltet. Außerdem sind sie seit geraumer Zeit unter dem Pseudonym “die Blaue Distanz” in der Kunst- und Kulturlandschaft Dresdens und darüber hinaus bekannt. Zeit für ein Gespräch!

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A few days ago I read an article  about the fact that recently the court in India criminalized homosexuality as India’s Colonial-era homosexuality law did it 100 years ago. This is constitutional, they said.  It‘s a shame in the world’s most populous democracy and it made me think of my time in south Asia this year and a performance I saw in early October in Cologne. Weiterlesen “THE CRASH OF A CLASH”

Pazar Bazaar Pazar Bazaar

A while ago a friend asked me to write a short piece on the art scene in Istanbul. A task that has been done a lot in the past years; commenting on a growing art market in Turkey and its positive and negative side effects – as well as the isolated importance of the Istanbul scene for Turkey and the Middle East.

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