Karl Lagerfeld and Taryn Simon at Folkwang Museum Essen. Parallele Gegensätze.

Exhibitions such as the KARL LAGERFELD (Parallele Gegensätze: Fotografie – Buchkunst – Mode) at the Essen Folkwang Museum are great – because they get many people into the museum. And thus the accusation of “not being enough art”.

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Academy of Fine Arts, Duesseldorf. User Guide: It’s top down.

For me, exhibitions are always something very exhausting – there is a point of saturation, where you can’t keep looking or receiving. First there is pleasure, then you look back and get the feeling of loss. A loss of something to the work you previously enjoyed. During that time you slowly fade, get drunken up.

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M – eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder

The title of the exhibition ‘Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder’ (a city is looking for a murder) is a quote from Fritz Langs’s crime movie ‘M’ from 1931. Also Alex Lebus and Saeed Foroghi are looking for something. They are dealing with identity itself and the question of guilt and finding a way how to make these visible. Together they built up a join-venture installation/performance. Weiterlesen “M – eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder”

Pazar Bazaar Pazar Bazaar

A while ago a friend asked me to write a short piece on the art scene in Istanbul. A task that has been done a lot in the past years; commenting on a growing art market in Turkey and its positive and negative side effects – as well as the isolated importance of the Istanbul scene for Turkey and the Middle East.

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Gözde Ilkin at ArtSümer (March 2013)

Gözde Ilkin’s show at ArtSümer is now past. Ilkin usually works with fabric collages and stitchings, creating painting like works with social commentary. For her solo exhibition she created a big installation with an interesting concept – a comment on the gallery system and its mechanism; not especially a new topic, but she showed a clever and sometimes humorist handling.

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