She BAM! What about Women in Art?

The representation of female artists is still a problem. She BAM! has been founded by Laetitia Gorsy who consciously advocates representation for female artists with her gallery She BAM!. The gallery is located at the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei and does pop-up in different cities as well. She BAM! aims to work with women artists, creative women, collectors, curators, other gallery owners and all people who support women in arts.

Clementine Butler-Gallie at Pilotenkueche – From Elsewhere to Leipzig

Clementine Butler-Gallie is the current curator of the 39th issue of the Pilotenkueche international art residency program and has the premiere of her first group show Elsewhere a Blue Line and the Absurdity of a Ghost on a Stone in the Basement of Kunstkraftwerk LeipzigA conversation about curating, the art scene in Germany compared to Great Britain and the role of women in art.