Astrid Dick

Lebt und arbeitet im Moment in Paris, Frankreich


Oil on wood, 20x16in, 2019

“Marcus Garvey Boulevard”

Oil on wood, 20x16in, 2019


My work is centered around painting and process.   I do not seek to find a model or a routine — if anything defines me it is the constant striving to make each painting as much of an adventure as possible.  If I can learn to stay with it through the difficult times, lose the painting, even destroy its light and beauty, and yet be willing to start over from the ruins without losing hope nor honesty nor rigor — then I will be transformed and maybe this will translate into my own life with all its defining uncertainty and possibility.  This way of working can be at times extremely frustrating, strenuous, and requires a lot of patience and faith, but for me it is the only way.   That is also why I like to work with oil paint – the lower layers take too long to dry completely so that when I tackle the painting in the following session there will be a tense dialogue between the old and the new strokes.  This creates a framework for a game that is risky but full of opportunity. It is learning to walk on this tightrope that I am most interested in, the only place where art might be encountered.

“Must be a summer fling”

Oil on wood, 20x16in, 2019

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