Minh Duc Nguyen lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and Dresden, Germany




Minh raised up in Germany and has his origins in Vietnam. In 2012, he started studying mathematics, computer science and education in Dresden and used to work as a teacher in schools while he was learning the abstract structures of maths and computer sciences at university. He started teaching dance at the University of Dresden in 2013. Besides of his studies, he was researching in visual, performing and new media art. With the knowledge of mathematical and computer science based concepts, he is interested in interdisciplinary artforms between art and science and developed his strongly mixed art forms.


2018 “reflection and surfaces”, (tba), Dresden | “Minneke”, Venice, Italy | “Trepkodoune”, Brussels, Belgium | 2017 “Minneke”, Carsten Nikolai HFBK class, Dresden, Germany | “Minneke”, La Trappe, Brussels, Belgium | 2016 dance improvisation, le lac, Brussels, Belgium | performance with Benjamin Vandewalle, Brussels, Belgium | performance with Rosie Sommers, Gend, Belgium | lecture performance, workspacebrussels, Brussels, Belgium | group exhibition, Gare St. Gery, Brussels, Belgium

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“REFLECTIVE LANDSCAPES” 2017, videoinstallation, screenshot. Light always was an important and interesting aspect. In this visual work, several objects are constructed with epoxy on glas as main elements. Each object has the possibility to create a certain reflection on the observer. Each image only exists in specific light conditions and its proper state. When we watch these images with our eyes under normal light condition than it is an illusion. Processing the same image on a camera chip with flash or strong artifical light, the image changes entirely into a pure landscape or relief full of light that is reflected and trapped on the surface. Having a closer look on that image, a wide and full scale of details and structures are to discover. Light and glas only exist in their purest shape and structure.
“EMERGING LANDSCAPES” 2017, silver reflective fabric, sculptural installation, 300 x 400 cm. This large fabric is sculptured into a diverse landscape which creates an abstract and emergent reflection under specific light condition. Through the angle of observation, evertime a different image is processed by the different reflection of light. Photgraphing the installation with flash light, an unseen image will be seen. Due to its large size, the observer can enter into an unrealistic and magically shining observation point.