Alonzo Pantoja

Lebt und arbeitet in Milwaukee, USA

The Drapery Is A Little Wrinkly

Acrylic and pigmented paper on canvas, 36×50″ 2017


Alonzo Pantojas work is an investigation of the process of image making with an interest in still life painting as an afterthought. The work is a result of discovery and process based abstraction. Pantoja refers to mundane inanimate objects with no personal connection to the objects.

The ideas behind his work are derived from the usage of painting as collage through still life, as the driving force for process based abstraction. He explores the construction and arrangement of still life compositions, resulting in the deconstruction and rearrangement of paintings.

Most recently, Pantoja has started to create works with watercolor and acrylic on paper as on ongoing investigation in the fluidity of mediums.

Bild: Don’t Wear Prada, Acrylic and pigmented paper on canvas, 30×30″ 2017

Don’t Look For Comfort In A Pillow

Acrylic and pigmented paper on canvas, 17×24″ 2017

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