Lebt und arbeitet in Dresden, Deutschland

A house facade in Hausen am Neckar, approx 5x10m. I paint a forest with fantasy animal hanging on everywhere. I realise this project last summer, the house host volunteers from all over the world who works on the organic farm “Solawi Zabergau”.


I have to confess that I don’t know anything about the Art real world, exhibitions, copyrights, etc. But I would love to be more aware about that topics.

Bild: 100x150cm Canvas. No title. I a painting colorful fantasy worlds full of animals, just this one that represent a island scenery hold arround 55 creatures.

Embroidery serie, I am working on differents embroidery that reprensent creatures from another planet, I also made a book full of this creatures and with his own language, also almost 100 cards with more creatures and language.

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