Film/Video Fotografie

Daniela Takeva

Lebt und arbeitet in Leipzig, Deutschland


Installation view at Galerie im Marstall, Ahrensburg (lenticular print)


Daniela works in a variety of media with a highly conceptual approach. After a period of collecting and archiving visual, linguistic and acoustic material, she installs the various aspects to a visual narrative, which tries to investigate the duality that develops through different interpretations. Socialized in two different cultures, she deals in her artistic work with repetition and fake in her own and others memory.

Bild: Installation view “uneasy” at Galerie im Marstall, Ahrensburg (collage)

“this will also change”

Installation view, Wall 40, Kiel

(HD-Videos, With Sound, In Loop, 2-Channel Videos (03:57 Min.)

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