Lita Poliakova

Lebt und arbeitet in Dresden, Deutschland

“Love Is”


Keeping in mind the biological nature of human Lita Poliakova refers to the mental constructions that shape daily life. She examines mental constructs, stereotypes and other inventions from an epistemological point of view as minds are ‘infected’ with concepts, which are perceived as natural, and often used as speculative tools by powerful authorities or commercialized.

Lita’s research leads to experiments in visual poetry and dissection of norms: visual art that recycles mass media images and printed conventional cadavers. Looking into gender inequity issues, the artist provides an alternative view on the bodily givenness that is regulated by the society. Designing multi-gender creatures, mediating to reveal the normative, the uniform and the shallow, she sets her collage practice to transform mass media culture into awareness.

Bild: “You Do Something Irrelevant”


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