Petras Lincevicius

Lebt und arbeitet momentan in New York, USA

„The Table“, 2014

223 x 165 cm, oil on canvas


Although my thinking is deeply rooted in painting theory, my art practices are interdisciplinary. This feature comes out organically from methodologies based on artistic research, which I apply to create specific art projects. The main theme which I reflect is the place and local identity in a global environment. While my practice mostly originates from the ideas of Philosophical Philotopy, Genius Loci and Biomythography, I invoke different art disciplines and theories on principles of temporary relations, which are dictated by a specific creative process.

Working in a field of Identity theme I use theory of Philosophical Philotopy which defines form of thinking, rooted in a particular place — the native land. In my research, I blend such things as Ancestry, concepts of different forms of identity, belonging, origin, and “home”. By combining history, biography and myth in epic narrative form, I talk about all these things as a story teller from my point of view.ffff

Bild: Untitled, oil on canvas, 200 x 80 cm, 2015 – 2016

„After taking a Picture, the same day I returned to Vilnius“, 2015

61 x 277 cm, oil on canvas

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