Lita Poliakova lives and works in Dresden, Germany




2015 – till present Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Master of Arts, Helsinki, Finland
2012 St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. Honors Master’s degree in graphic design, St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 Baltic University of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communications. Honors diploma in graphic design, St. Petersburg, Russia



Micro Magma, Unicorn Project Space, Berlin, Germany
DIN A4, Kunst-Quartier Gallery, BBK, Osnabrück, Germany
Transnational Queer Underground: #5 Berlin, Germany
The Palace Meets Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Colourful Chaos, the Laundry Artspace, Brisbane, Australia
Girls, uninterrupted, Creative Debuts Gallery, London, England

Inarte Werkkunst Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Blue Bleu Blau Blu Biennale, Wien, Austria
Fu:bar, Zagreb, Croatia
Metadatos Festival, Tuxtla, Mexico
The Blind Curator. F.K. Kollectiv, Berlin, Germany
RUNO KOE (2): Erotic Fictions, Third Space Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
Glitch art is dead. Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis, USA
Transnational Queer Underground: #1 Raamatupood Puänt, Tallinn, Estonia; #2 Sofia, Bulgaria
What Doesn’t Let Us Rest. VOS #3, online gallery
Puderpink. Puderraum gallery. Berlin, Germany

Joulukalenteri. Jänis Gallery. Turku, Finland
Process Space Art Festival. Ruse, Bulgaria
Intimacy. PH21 Gallery. Budapest, Hungary
We live only once. St. Petersburg, Russia
SOAK. Helsinki, Finland
Antimuseum. Part II. Moscow, Russia
More than She. Minsk, Belarus



Keeping in mind the biological nature of human Lita Poliakova refers to the mental constructions that shape daily life. She examines mental constructs, stereotypes and other inventions from an epistemological point of view as minds are ‘infected’ with concepts, which are perceived as natural, and often used as speculative tools by powerful authorities or commercialized. Lita’s research leads to experiments in visual poetry and dissection of norms: visual art that recycles mass media images and printed conventional cadavers. Looking into gender inequity issues, the artist provides an alternative view on the bodily givenness that is regulated by the society. Designing multi-gender creatures, mediating to reveal the normative, the uniform and the shallow, she sets her collage practice to transform mass media culture into awareness.


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“Love Is”
“You Do Something Irrelevant”