Daniel Grams

Lebt und arbeitet in Dresden, Deutschland

„Really lecker“, 2018

Ausstellungsansicht Seoul/South Korea at 369 Gallery.

Real or not real is the question here? Modern-traditional Korean table and bread made of foam … In the Asian culture, artificial food is shown in front of the restaurant in showcases so you can imagine what the food served might look like. In this artwork, I associate Asian and Western culture, in which I show artificial bread that is not really part of the culture of Korea, present it on a traditional korean table.

„Sometimes“, 2017

Art-Poster war Teil der Installation zur Diplomarbeit “Laib”.

Poster, digital printing on PVC / size per image 168 cm x 118 cm

„Laib“, 2017

Bread sculptures, bread dough, salt, baking paper / 500 cm x 800 cm (size per sculpture about 35 cm ø and 40-60 cm height) poster, digital printing on PVC / size per image 168 cm x 118 cm.

“… with his food-consuming sculptures, which he baked in old oil barrels, he points to the absurdity that arises from the overproduction of a basic food which is even used as a fuel.”

Text: “Nichts ist, wie es scheint” – Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, July 2017 – #Susanne Magister

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