Corrupted Full Of Life: Interview with artist Matti Sumari

Esitämme (we introduce): Matti Sumari. His exhibition "corrupted full of life" started the new exhibition program for 2018 at Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden. At the opening we had a chat with the Helsinki born artist.

Kühl und unnahbar? Nein, ein Raum voller spannender Assoziationen und Geschichten!

Marit Wolters entführt mich in ihrer Ausstellung "LEVELING IT UP" im EX14 am Albertplatz in einen Raum voll spannender und assoziativer Arbeiten, die teilweise zu reinen Formen und Strukturen verschwimmen, mir aber so ganz eigene Geschichten erzählen.


Julia Boswank und Maria Schwerdtner zeigen eine Kollaboration aus Installation, Material, Objekt und Audio- und Videoarbeiten im EX14 am Albertplatz in Dresden.

Internationales Festival für Fotografie in Leipzig: f/stop fragt nach den Möglichkeiten berichtender Fotografie in der heutigen Welt

Vom 25. Juni bis 3. Juli 2016 findet unter dem Titel the end of the world as we know it, ist der Beginn einer Welt, die wir nicht kennen die 7. Ausgabe des Festivals für Fotografie f/stop in Leipzig statt.

Painting – Paint Interview with Julia Gruner

Sometimes reinventing a painterly gesture comes along naturally and does not feel forced. Presented next to a lime green designer leather couch on a low glass table, Julia Gruner’s (*1984, lives in Cologne) pieces were surprisingly different from to the rest of works presented at the annual prize show for the 14th Hogan Lovells Art Prize 2014 in the Sky Tower, Düsseldorf.

Extremely loud and incredible quiet

The elbows supported on the scratchy carpet of the office I'm sitting half lying , eyes closed and shallow breathing and the sweat running down between my breasts towards my navel. Why the hell nobody is moving, I think.


A few days ago I read an article  about the fact that recently the court in India criminalized homosexuality as India’s Colonial-era homosexuality law did it 100 years ago. This is constitutional, they said.  It‘s a shame in the world’s most populous democracy and it made me think of my time in south Asia this year and a performance I saw in early October in Cologne.