Malte Urban

Lebt und arbeitet in Leipzig, Deutschland

Chest, 2019

Plaster, 60 x 80 cm

WALL (000=XXX), 2019

In his work, Malte Urban deals with materiality and the structure of surfaces. He abstracts found textures through digital photo processing and 3D animation, enlarges them and thus creates new connotations. In his work developed for the campus, he takes on a detail of the architecture: the unusual undulation and texture of the existing exposed aggregate concrete. A photographic image is alienated by a 3D program. The resulting manipulated image is printed on a translucent fabric. Like its model, the facade, it is gathered and corrugated. In this way it is stretched like a second skin of architecture as a curtain. The permeability of the fabric allows the underlying facade to be guessed at, doubling it, so to speak – a dialogue between the visible and the invisible. The hard concrete is given a soft surface by the placeholder, and despite the covering, the presence of the underlying facade reinforced. A sculptural construction that aims at the imagination of material and structure and thus gives new attention to otherwise unnoticed texture.

(Maren Knapp Voith)

Bild: WALL (000=XXX), 2019, Prints on Polyester Mesh, 500 x 200 cm

Bug-Out-PC + Mud-Box = Both Empty, 2019

Multimedia, Size Variable

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