Wiebke Herrmann

Lebt und arbeitet in Dresden, Deutschland

Vasenkonglomerat III, 2019

Öl auf Leinwand

As you can see, there is more than one Topic, but mostly there is also more than one picture inside a topic. it turned out that I am interested in a certain issue and than try to approach to that idea in several works. sometimes only to find out where my own interest is coming from.


The climax of each of my paintings takes place at its very beginning, when the idea is arranged in my mind and adopts increasingly clear traits in front of the white canvas. As you paint, the brushwork continues to narrow down with every brushstroke and formal decision. At the end, the work stands as the result of numerous decisions that exclude other possible images. Yet there is just a fraction of the original effort that can be seen. This is why I like to work serially.

Usually there is so much to tell about an idea that it can’t all be captured in just one painting. Likewise, the content of my work is structured. In the canon of works, I try to approach an idea of the world; in other words: my idea of the world. It’s impossible to take it fully, but with each painting I move a step closer towards it. Thus, my work results from all of its parts. However, in each picture, entirety is found as well.

Bild: The Sporting Life I-IX, 2017/18, Öl auf Leinwand

Like a Prayer (Madonna I-V), 2020

Öl auf Leinwand

For example the series of madonnas: the pictures are portraits of existing sculptures in Italian and Spanish churches. I tried to find out what moves me on them. is it the Kitsch, is it the contemporary ideal of beauty or the suffer in their faces? by taking them out of their religious context, I just discovered that in every portrait I painted the same face…

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